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WETEQ is a vibrant Luxembourg-based cleantech company with a proprietary portfolio of innovative chemistry-based solutions for wastewater treatment.
We help our customers to reduce costs, increase process efficiency, be compliant and more eco-friendly by solving their water and wastewater challenges.
Our novel surfactants, coagulants, flocculants and antimicrobials enable rapid re-use of treated wastewater.
We focus on produced water and fracking flowback in the shale gas industry, wastewater in the oil sands industry, mining wastewater, food & beverage wastewater and scrubber water treatment.
We have an equity stake in a transformational and innovative hardware-based wastewater treatment company, APATEQ, also located in Luxembourg.

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Our Vision

The solutions of Weteq help our customers with their specific challenges and enable:

  • Cost savings through reduced wastewater treatment cost
  • Capacity increase of wastewater treatment installations
  • Compliance to regulations by removal of contaminants
  • Reuse of recycled wastewater in the process
  • Environmental sustainability through a more efficient usage of water
Our Solutions


Mosmart Investments (Pty) Ltd, established in 2004, was originally formed by a group of investors, environmentalists and scientists to seek innovative solutions for global water and environmental issues. Mosmart International S.A. was founded in 2011 to spearhead international business and its name was changed to Weteq S.A. in December 2016.
Our company closed a financing round led by Reinet Fund S.C.A. to build an international water and wastewater treatment business based on proven success. Weteq acquired an equity stake in a transformational hardware-based water treatment company, APATEQ, also located in Luxembourg during December 2014. Since mid-2016, Weteq has been in recruitment mode and commercial traction is beginning to materialize.



Establish and lead the sales & product marketing for industrial wastewater chemistry-based solutions and services including definition and successful execution of the sales & product marketing strategy and plans, the development of excellence in shaping and communicating the WETEQ value proposition, leading negotiations with customers with a clear focus on closing deals, driving market share and market growth across Europe.

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