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Weteq provides innovative chemistry-based solutions that enable you to reduce costs, be compliant and achieve your sustainability goals. Utilizing our licensed proprietary products and our advanced patented technologies, we shape a tailor-made solution for your specific water challenge. Our product portfolio comprises of super-efficient flocculants and enhanced coagulants for raw water and wastewater treatment, as well as novel surfactant formulations for bottle-washing applications.


Our enhanced coagulants are an essential and particularly effective component when it comes to wastewater treatment. They greatly accelerate the settlement time of suspended solids and allow easy removal of solids and other contaminants by destabilizing the forces keeping them in solution. This significantly enhances the capacity of wastewater treatment plants. They are also beneficially applied in sludge thickening and dewatering. In addition to improved settlement performance our multifunctional products increase the pH of liquid solutions, such as for example acid waters.

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Our super-efficient flocculants enhance the solid-liquid separation process as they gather the destabilized particles together and cause them to agglomerate and drop out of the solution more efficiently. It increases particle size and thereby accelerates the settlement of the particles and improves sludge properties.

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Our novel surfactant formulations promote water to be used more efficiently or simply “make water work better”. In general, surfactants modify the interfacial properties between water and other liquids, gases or solids. Very often they lower surface and or interfacial tension leading to improved wetting, emulsification, de-agglomeration or dispersing properties. Our proprietary surfactant formulation significantly improves the bottle-washing process leading to savings with respect to bottles, energy and chemicals.

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